Early in life, Rebecca showed an affinity towards music as her parents introduced her to all kinds of musical styles. Her own musical influences began with the Vaughan brothers, then to Alan Hayes, Albert Collins, Robben Ford, Jeff Beck, ZZTop, Matt Schofield, Pat Martino, Joe Bonamassa, Bonnie Raitt, Al Dimeola, the three “Kings” (Albert, BB and Freddie), Steve Howe (of Yes), Lightin’ Hopkins, Wes Montgomery, David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), among many more.


In addition to winning mutiple awards as a blues guitarist, Rebecca has delved into jazz, fusion jazz, folk/roots music and even 17th century Scottish lute music. She plays with authority and confidence, coming from years of performances, study and her own natural talent.


When you hear Rebecca play, you will notice a fresh, stunning virtuosity. You will think you know where she is going in a song, but she will surprise you and take you into her expressive world. Your mind will know it has experienced a deep, educated breath of musical talent. Your heart will know it has been awakened!


Rebecca shares the stage with Cari Quoy in their collaborative band, Cari and Becks. Currently, they are on tour in Scotland and Ireland. Their musical adventures will be shared on this website and their mutual website cariandbecks.com

Keep checking for their next coming up gigs here in the US! Thank you very much for your interest!